CMT Next Up Now, Volume 14

Next Up Now brings together a variety of country music videos each week. Check out these artists and find out who their influences are — directly from the musicians themselves. Then come back each week to discover who you should be listening to next.

Buck 22 f. The Oak Ridge Boys, “Giddyup (Elvira)”

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Writers: Dallas Frazier, Damon Elliott; Director: Brent Mendoza

Influences: Johnny Cash, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Oak Ridge Boys, John Denver, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley

From the Artists: “I still pinch myself every time I hear my voice on the same song as the legends The Oak Ridge Boys.” – Buck 22

“Hell Yea! Crank this up! My buddies — The Oak Ridge Boys and BUCK 22 with a fresh update on the worldwide smash, ‘Elvira.’ If this doesn’t make you smile or help you get your groove on…then you are possibly dead.” – Billy Ray Cyrus, Executive Producer

Adam Doleac, “Famous”

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Writers: Adam Doleac, Bobby Hamrick and Andy Skib; Director: Preston Leatherman

Influences: John Mayer, Bob Seger, The Eagles and Amos Lee

From the Artist: “When I first put out ‘Famous,’ Colton [Underwood] and Cassie [Randolph, both from The Bachelor] were the first famous people to post about the song. That night I think I sent them both a message and was like, ‘Hey, thank you so much. I’m glad y’all love it.’ We didn’t really talk much after that until it came time to do the video. We thought it would be really cool to have some famous people in the video with it being called ‘Famous,’ and my first choice was Colton and Cassie.”

Sam Grow, “Drink About That”

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Writers: Sam Grow, Chris Lindsey and Taylor Phillips; Director: Ed Pryor

Influences: “My biggest musical influence was actually my dad. He was a lineman and I would spend weekends with him in the bucket truck. During those ride-alongs, he would play me songs. I’d watch him get so excited about each song and listen to him tell stories about what he was doing or how much a particular song helped him through a hard time, good time, or a heartbreak. His passion for an artist or a lyric made me want to be and write like the voices I heard coming out of those old bucket truck speakers.”

From the Artist: “The ’Drink About That’ video to me is the best example of when a director brings song lyrics to life. I think Ed Pryor (director) did such an amazing job and executed what I was singing perfectly. My hope is that this video can change the mindset of even one person on how much distracting driving can affect or even take a life. I’m so thankful to CMT for all of their support and helping me spread this message.”

Maybe April, “Already Gone”

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Writers: Katy Dubois (Bishop) and Alaina Stacey; Director: Chollette

Influences: Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Charlie Worsham

From the Artist: “This song is a very real, true story about how difficult it can be to free yourself from someone your heart is with, even when their actions show that theirs is in a lot of other places before it’s with you. We hope to have captured the highs and lows and a snapshot of the rollercoaster of emotions involved in this type of relationship then finding yourself and your strength.” — Katy & Alaina