Christmas May Never Be the Same for Jordan Davis

Now that country newcomer Jordan Davis has a five-week-old daughter at home, I have a feeling I know exactly what his holiday will be like this year: all about Eloise. There’s just nothing like your first Christmas with your first baby.

Because just like Faith Hill says, a baby changes everything. So now that Davis and his wife Kristen have Eloise, born on Nov. 17, I’m guessing the holidays will never be the same.

In a recent radio interview, Davis reminisced about his best Christmas ever as a kid, the year that he and his brother got brand new blue and white go-karts. And he shared his tradition of going to see It’s a Wonderful Life at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. The singer-songwriter also talked about his favorite song this time of year, Nat King Cole’s “Buon Natale.”

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“I mean, Nat King Cole is Christmas to me. Always playing, always having some type of Christmas music on. I remember growing up, my mom would start on Thanksgiving. We would start listening to Christmas music and anytime you’d walk into the house if mom was home,” Davis said, “there was Christmas music playing. It was just background music, and it’s something I’ve carried over.

“If we’re home, there’s Christmas music on.”

All of those traditions — the go-karts in the backyard, the music from the 1950s, and the trips to two-hour movies — may have to undergo some changes now that Eloise is here. But I’m sure they’re all changes that Davis and his wife are welcoming with open arms.

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