Chris Stapleton Plays a Wight in Game of Thrones Easter Egg

Here’s the difference between a white walker and a wight in Game of Thrones lore: a white walker is like a zombie, but they were created by the Children of the Forest years ago from living men by stabbing them in the heart with dragon glass. The Children of the Forest also created the Night King, who is enemy No. 1 for the living in the series.

White walkers create wights — the undead creatures that were pretty much unstoppable in Sunday’s (April 28) episode, The Long Night. It was hard to spot (even with the brightness of our screens adjusted) Chris Stapleton as a wight among the carnage on the battlefield outside Winterfell. But he was there among undead extras in the episode as Jon Snow chased after the Night King.

Other musicians who have appeared on the series include Mastodon, Ed Sheeran and Sigur Ros.

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