Chris Janson: Bring On The “Good Vibes”

In the hustle and bustle of show business and life on the road, sometimes laidback, peaceful and relaxing moments are the hardest to come by.

It’s not always easy to keep the good vibes going, but for Chris Janson, it’s important.

“I wake up just like everybody else sometimes,” the singer told CMT’s Leslie Fram during a recent Q&A session. “We’re cranky and we just don’t want to do it and we’re over it and we let people know it.”

Through song, of course. That’s how Janson and his co-writers usually roll, but on this particular day, the stars aligned even more clearly. The magic wasn’t necessarily supposed to happen but fate always finds a way, doesn’t it?

“We went to Zach Crowell’s house who is a co-writer on this song,” Janson explained. “We were not supposed to be writing with Ashley Gorley, we weren’t supposed to be writing together that day, but we all just kind of piled at Zach’s house and just did it impromptu. Everyone was complaining about this, that. ’I said OK, good vibes only.’”

“Zach goes, ’We should probably write that.’ It was really just that simple,” he revealed.

Sometimes, the best songs truly are just that simple, and the most meaningful and impactful.

“I always tell people you have to put actions to words and you have to ’walk it like you talk it.’ Sometimes when I sing it, it’s sort of subliminally reminding myself. They say when you’re giving someone an uplifting talk or speech that you’re really talking to yourself and I really think ’Good Vibes’ is talking to me, too.

“It’s a great reminder to get up, and that you choose to have a bad day or a good day. You choose it every single day. Every single day you have the choice to say something really nice to somebody. I just pray really hard for myself. I ask for guidance and just humility and I think ’Good Vibes’ stemmed from that and for that and I think we got a big hit song out of it because of that,” he said.

And a smash music video, which features Janson’s wife Kelly Lynn, the couple’s adorable kids, and a whole bunch of fun friends and truly special, heartwarming moments. Good luck not smiling from ear-to-ear.

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