Cheers to Chris Lane’s “I Don’t Know About You”

Singer Chris Lane celebrated his second No. 1 single, “I Don’t Know About You,” on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 28) at the new Graduate Nashville Hotel. Sharing the spotlight were the song’s four writers: Ashley Gorley, Jameson Rodgers, Michael Hardy and Hunter Phelps.

Lane landed his first No. 1 single with 2015’s “Fix.” Hardy, Phelps and Rodgers are also recording artists who’ve performed extensively as both soloists and as supporting acts for superstar headliners.

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For most guests, this was their first visit to the boutique inn, which sits across West End Avenue from Vanderbilt University and boasts a large picture of Grand Ole Opry star Minnie Pearl behind the check-in desk.

The small room where the party was held virtually bulged with celebrants. An airbrush tattoo artist stood near the entrance offering her services to all those who felt insufficiently marked by life’s regular ordeals. A much-visited bar and strategically placed trays of chicken taquitos kept the throng occupied while it waited for the formal awards ceremony to start.

Co-sponsored by ASCAP and BMI, the event was hosted by ASCAP’s Evyn Mustoe and BMI’s MaryAnn Keen. Gorley, Phelps and Rodgers are ASCAP members. Hardy and Lane are BMI affiliates.

Mustoe noted that Gorley has so far racked up an astounding 47 No. 1 hits but that “I Don’t Know About You” is the first chart-topper for Phelps and Rodgers. She said the two would begin a concert tour together on Feb. 14.

Keen announced that the song being honored was Hardy’s fourth No. 1 (he co-wrote earlier hits for Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton and Morgan Wallen, among others). “He’s a writer who can really paint a picture in a song,” she added.

Hardy, who records and performs under only his last name, will join Cole Swindell as a supporting act for Thomas Rhett’s Center Point Road Tour, Keen said.

Lane was an opening act last year on Brad Paisley’s world tour and was cited by People TV in the series Sexiest Man Alive: Dudes & Dogs. He is married to Lauren Bushnell of The Bachelor fame.

A slow climber, it took 45 weeks for “I Don’t Know About You” to reach the summit.

“This one was just really fun [to write],” Gorley said of the hit. He complimented producer Joey Moi for bringing out qualities in the song that even the writers hadn’t thought of.

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Phelps told the crowd that he got a speeding ticket trying to make the writing session on time that yielded the song. Lane, he added, generously paid for the ticket.

Hardy recalled when he, Phelps and Rodgers were so hard up that they “literally didn’t have a pot to piss in.” Referring to Gorley’s unmatched string of hits, he declared, “Ashley’s been to more No. 1 parties this year than I’ve been to church.”

Lane had the best line of all. “I don’t know what’s cooler,” he mused, “having a No. 1 party or telling my wife I’m the sexiest man alive.”

Lede Photo: ASCAP songwriter Jameson Rodgers, ASCAP songwriter Hunter Phelps, Chris Lane, BMI songwriter Michael Hardy, ASCAP songwriter Ashley Gorley

Second photo: (L-R): ASCAP songwriter Jameson Rodgers, ASCAP songwriter Hunter Phelps, Chris Lane, BMI songwriter Michael Hardy, ASCAP songwriter Ashley Gorley, producer Joey Moi

Photo Credit: Ed Rode

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