Brothers Osborne on the Ironies of Bookending of a Year

They’re not wrong.

John and T.J. Osborne — Brothers Osborne — have shared their thoughts about moving from 2019 to 2020, and the irony of the beginning and end of a year.

“I think it’s kind of funny how we spend literally the last moment and the very first moment of every year being extremely intoxicated, extremely, because you don’t want to wait until like 12:30 to get your buzz on,” John said in a radio interview. “You’ve got to do it before midnight, and then once midnight happens, you’re like, ‘Omigod! Now it’s time to celebrate even more.’

“Debauchery is the literally bookending your entire year.”

His brother T.J. echoed that sentiment, adding his thoughts about how the stopping and starting that happens around the end of the year are at opposite ends of the extreme spectrum.

“I love how everyone starts the year off with diets,” T.J. said, “and then we end the year with like excessive amounts of food. And then you get to the end of the year, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m going to start a diet on the 1st, so I’m going to eat everything that’s in front of me.’ I love it.”

(Their debauchery can’t be all bad, though. Right before last year’s end, John posted on Instagram that they had finished up with their first batch of new songs.)

The duo also revealed their tried-and-true, go-to hangover cure: more booze.

“Usually drinking more. I mean, a little hair of the dog never hurt anybody. Plus, it’s the first of the year.”

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