Brett Young Loves Sad Songs, Takes the High Road with New Single ‘You Didn’t’

Brett Young knows country music fans love a sad song – and his new single “You Didn’t” is a gift-wrapped sob fest.

“(Sad songs and ballads) are my favorite,” Young said. “You could be in the happiest place you’ve ever been in your whole life and you get off work, pull in your driveway and a sad song comes on and you still want to sit and cry by yourself. It’s not because you’re sad, it’s just because you want to.”

Young realized sad songs were a universal crush in country music when his song “Mercy” captivated his audience. He hopes “You Didn’t” will impact people the same way.

“I feel like it’s the most positive approach to a breakup ever,” Young explained. “The subtext is it’s very clearly a lie. It’s a guy saying that he’s fine and that he understands. But he’s lying. He’s still trying to take care of her in the process of getting his heart broken. And, I think it was such a fresh approach.”

Young wrote “You Didn’t” alongside Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins. The song is out now on Young’s “WEEKENDS LOOK A LITTLE DIFFERENT THESE DAYS,” but fans will be able to hear it on the radio Nov. 15.

“I think the underlying message is that if you really care about someone, and they don’t feel the way you do, you shouldn’t make them feel bad for that or guilty or try to make them hurt just because you are,” The signer explained. “If you care about that person and what you hear them say is they need to go, you need to make them feel as comfortable as you can. That’s a huge responsibility when you’re getting your heart broken. Most people get angry and bitter and sad, but if no one did anything wrong and you’re just in different places, I just like the angle of taking the high road.”