Blake Shelton Goes Behind the Scenes with His Gunslinger

There’s nothing like hearing a country artist say those three little words: behind the scenes.

It gives me goosebumps before I even hit play. So when Blake Shelton shared a look at what it was like to make his brand new “God’s Country” video, in a five-minute video of its own, I was all ears.

First he admits that he was a little bit nervous about asking world-renowned video director Sophie Muller to be part of the project. And once she said yes, he was nervous again to bring the London-based Muller out to Oklahoma. “She’s a gunslinger of a video maker. She even cusses,” Shelton says. “She song is so, so country, and I didn’t know if she would get it or not. She fell in love with the song.”

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It was Muller’s idea to let the video tell the story not just of the land God created, but also the wrath of God. “She started thinking of these man-made disasters that happened here in Oklahoma. This is God’s country, and He can take it back any time he wants to. The good and the bad, they all come together and they’re all important when you’re talking about a song like this. That’s why I love the line in the song, ’Got a deed to the land but it ain’t my ground. It’s God’s country.’

“Even if you own a piece of land, you’re just borrowing it,” he says, “because it’s all God’s country.”

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