Ashley McBryde Digs Into the Saga of “Martha Divine”

Ashley McBryde set a scandalous story in motion with the “One Night Standards” music video late last year. Now she’s picking up the thread in “Martha Divine,” named for the red-headed woman who’s been kidnapped from a seedy hotel after being caught with her friend’s dad.

Uh oh… Somebody’s buying duct tape and shovels? As McBryde herself might say, this “idn’t” gonna end well.

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As McBryde tells NPR, “‘Martha Divine’ was so much fun to write because [co-writer] Jeremy Spillman wasn’t afraid to get weird with me. I told him I wanted to write something dark and we created this story that surrounds the most delightful trollop of a human being and gets down underneath the fingernails of the uncomfortable truth about family dynamics. I was certain no one would let me shoot a video that actually reflected the lyrics, but [director] Reid Long helped me bring it to life in a way that only he could.”

McBryde’s second album for Warner Music Nashville is anticipated this spring. She will competed for Grammy Awards later this month with “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” in the Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song categories. After that, she’ll launch her One Night Standards Tour on January 30 in Birmingham, Alabama.

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