Artist Discovery: Kylie Frey, Kalsey Kulyk, Nathan Sheridan

CMT Artist Discovery’s latest additions — Kylie Frey, Kalsey Kulyk, and Nathan Sheridan — are the kinds of artists we love to spotlight. Just one listen to these songs and you’ll know exactly why we’re obsessed with them.

(Pictured above: Nathan Sheridan, Kylie Frey, Kalsey Kulyk)

Kylie Frey, “One Night in Tulsa”

Kylie Frey had a perfect sky over a beautiful ranch on the day she shot the video for “One Night in Tulsa,” and that scenery helped bring the song’s lonely visual to life.

“I was over the moon to see the visual of this song come to life!” she says. “This video is very simple per my request. This song stems from a very lonely place and so we went in the middle of nowhere and captured that feeling of being completely alone. I think Dustin did an excellent job of capturing that feeling and showing me in a very authentic light.”

Frey says that she wants fans to feel at peace with the loneliness and desperation that comes with moving on: “When you would give anything for just one more night with that person in the place that you fell in love — I want my fans to know that if they are feeling this, they are not alone.”

Writers: Kylie Frey, Thom McHugh, Neal Coty; Director: Dustin Haney

Kalsey Kulyk, “Damn You Love”

Kalsey Kulyk’s beautiful new video, “Damn You Love,” brings to life the emotions you feel when you’re in love.

“As cheesy as it sounds, I hope when people hear this song they get the message to never stop believing and fighting for love,” Kulyk says. “Yes, it can sometimes be hard, and you’re sometimes going to get your heart broken when you put it out there, but it’s worth it for the right person.”

Along with being extremely happy with the final version, Kulyk also says was relieved to finish the shoot because felt like the song would finally get to have its moment.

“The day we shot ‘Damn You Love,’ I remember being so grateful! It was like, ’Wow, how do I get to do this for a living?! Create music to connect with people and have CMT support it?!’ It definitely was a dream come true shooting that day because I got to make a music video for one of my favorite songs on the record that was also written with two of my favorite writers in town, Liz Rose and Phil Barton. Grateful would be the key feeling to that day.”

Writers: Kalsey Kulyk, Liz Rose, Phil Barton; Director: Elise Lacret

Nathan Sheridan, “Again”

Nathan Sheridan is happy to share his memories about the day he filmed his new video, “Again.”

“I remember arriving on set and being afraid the WW2 uniform would not fit properly. It was a uniform that had actually been worn by WW2 veteran. I went on a diet for over a month to lose weight in preparation for the video and the uniform ended up fitting me perfectly. Almost like it was made for me which was eerie in a way,” he says.

“I also remember driving that three-speed Ford for the first time. I had never driven a vehicle that vintage and the owner had never let anyone else drive it except me. It was nothing like driving a modern-day car. Luckily I was very familiar with stick shift or I might not have pulled it off.”

Still, Sheridan says his greatest memory is being able to shoot the video with his wife: “My favorite scenes were with her. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else playing my romantic partner in the video.”

Sheridan hopes that fans will feel something special when they watch “Again.” He says, “The sense of nostalgia is overwhelming because it almost forces you to look back on your life and take account of everything that’s taken place up until present day.”

He adds, “I just hope they just realize how precious every good memory is. I hope they learn to never take their loved ones for granted. I hope they become thankful for every day God has given them to live life and be with the ones they love.”

Asked how it felt to see the finished video for “Again,” Sheridan replies, “Amazing is a cliché answer but it’s the truth. I just felt so grateful for getting to be a part of it in every way. It just felt perfect. I didn’t want to change a single thing about it. After seeing it for the first time I just sent the director, Joel Burris, a text telling him how much I loved it and thanking him for helping us pull this off so beautifully. He had really outdone himself.”

Writer: Nathan Sheridan; Director: Joel Burris (ATD Media)