When Emmylou Harris Sings Trisha Yearwood’s Praises, It’s Going to Be a Good Night

How long does it take to get inducted into the Grand Ole Opry? Almost ten years and about seven albums.

That’s what Trisha Yearwood put in before she was invited to become a member on March 13, 1999. The point is, it doesn’t happen overnight. So when it does happen, you celebrate it. Then you celebrate it some more. And then you continue to hold that date in your heart for years to come.

In this case, 20.

Yearwood took the Opry stage on Tuesday night (March 12) for an unforgettable 20th Anniversary fête.

And it was Country Music Hall of Famer Emmylou Harris who had the honor of introducing Yearwood. “From the moment we first heard that stunning voice and saw that beautiful smile, we fell in love with Trisha Yearwood. She would of course become and remain one of the shining stars on the Opry stage,” Harris said, “or any stage.”

Ricky Skaggs, who’d been there to invite Yearwood to become a member in 1999, joined her on the famed stage for a duet on “Two Highways.” And her husband Garth Brooks joined her for “Whiskey To Wine.”

When the late Porter Wagoner inducted Yearwood, he’d told her at the time to “sing with the one who brung ya.” And she did. She performed her first No. 1 “She’s In Love With The Boy,” and promised the crowd she’d be there to do so again in 20 more years.

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