Watch: Sara Evans Duet with Daughter Olivia Evans

Sara Evans has always supported her daughter Olivia’s desire to be a singer. She put together The Barker Family Band with Olivia and her son Avery, and they released music and did a limited tour. After that, she brought Olivia on the road with her as a backup singer, and this week she shared the spotlight with her daughter on “CMT’s A Tennessee Kind of Christmas.” The pair sang “O Holy Night.”

“Olivia sounds beautiful on it and knows the song really well,” Evans said. “Of course, I love singing with my daughter.”

Evans said the song had always grabbed her – even when they were singing it in church.

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“The words are so powerful,” she said. “When it talks about, ’Truly he taught us to love one another, I almost cry every night.”

Olivia is a singer, too, although she chose a different path than her famous mother. The 18-year-old has idolized Beyonce for years, and Olivia’s new music leans to pop.

“I always say Beyonce taught me how to truly, truly sing and perfect my craft,” Olivia said. “That’s the first time I realized this is what I need to do.”

Olivia released her latest song, “Level,” in November. Evans’ new song “Copy That” is out now.