Watch Prankmus 2021: Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Bryan Strikes Again

Almost everyone has heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, but country music fans look forward to Caroline Bryan’s Prankmus. Caroline, wife of “American Idol” judge Luke Bryan, gets into the holiday spirit by pulling pranks on her family and friends – and sometimes they retaliate.

She rolls the videos out one at a time leading up to Christmas, and there are always lots of laughs and a few four-letter words.

Here are a few highlights from Prankmus 2021.

1. From tanning in the nude to drinking four cases of beer a day, Caroline Bryan gave her mother-in-law reason LeClaire Bryan to plan revenge.

“Can I get a cigarette?” LeClaire asked. “I’m going to put it out on Caroline’s (butt).”

2. The Bryan clan targeted wedding planner Hugh Howser. LeClaire Bryan pretended to put a cigarette out on the prized linen tablecloth just before her granddaughter’s wedding.

“I have diarrhea, and can’t breathe,” Howser said.

3. The Sneeze.

Caroline and Luke were posing for a holiday photo beside a Christmas tree when someone came by and sneezed directly on them.

“What a bunch of (beep),” Luke said before they discovered it was one of their friends in disguise.

4. The Mother-In-Law reel

You just have to watch it. Most of the dialog is censored due to colorful language.

5. That time Caroline used a smoke machine to fool her team into thinking she burned her hair.

“All the sweet people in my life need medication right now,” she wrote.