Watch: Kelsea Ballerini Needs “Some Nuggets” in Hilarious Post-Anesthesia Video

No one can accuse Kelsea Ballerini of taking herself too seriously.

Ballerini recently underwent a procedure at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville that required anesthesia, and she wasn’t too proud to share her hilarious video taken as the anesthesia wore off.

While still on the hospital bed and wearing the regulation gown, the “Half of My Hometown” singer whispered laments about the recovery room’s lack of clocks, the ring she mysteriously had on her finger (it was a wire) and her desire for chicken nuggets.

“today we learned anesthesia makes me drool through my mask, mistake a blue wire for a ring, have increased concern about where clocks are placed, struggle to bring peace signs into 2022, and above all, want some nuggets,” she wrote on Instagram. “(went in for a non-invasive procedure yes everything is fine moving on and @vanderbilthealth and their staff are really lovely)”

Her husband, fellow country singer Morgan Evans, shared on his social media that he had “nuggets waiting” for his wife as soon as she could have them.

The couple recently returned from spending the holidays in Evans’ native Australia. The trip marked the first time he’d been home in two-and-a-half years. Ballerini shared scenic photos, and a cute video of an otter. Evans posted a video of the parts of his homeland that Ballerini didn’t see – spiders. Evans shared a clip of large spiders on the wall and explained he didn’t share it with Ballerini until after they had left Australia. In the video, a man takes off his flipflop and kills the furry arachnids.

“Double homicide,” Morgan yelled.