Watch: Dan & Shay Help Fan Propose with Private Performance

Just call them the wedding singers.

Or, at least the engagement singers.

Dan + Shay helped one of their fans propose this week. In a video posted on social media, Dan Smyers said the duo got a message this week from a fan named Erin who wanted to propose at their concert. The duo did even better than that when they situated the couple in a private room and surprised Erin’s partner when they walked in singing their song “You.”

“I’ve never been more nervous for anything in my life,” Shay Mooney quipped.

As they sang, Erin pulled a ring out of her pocket, got down on one knee and proposed.

Her partner said yes, and the video ended with the couple in an embrace.

Smyers and Mooney know their way around a marriage proposal. Both happily married men, most of their biggest hits are love songs. “From the Ground Up,” “Speechless” and “10,000 Hours” are about lasting love, and the latter two videos feature their wives.

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Dan + Shay will wrap their arena tour in December. The duo will kick things up another notch when they tour stadiums with Kenny Chesney in 2022.