Thomas Rhett and His Sesame Street Remix

When I heard that Thomas Rhett had recorded a song for Sesame Street, my first thought was, “I wonder what Willa and Ada think.”

Because little kids — Thomas Rhett’s and everyone else’s — are a big part of why the show’s been around for 50 years. Before it taught kids the basics of spelling and math and much, much more, it captured their hearts and became an American institution. And probably safe to say that all of us know all the words to the original theme, “Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?”

The new song, which will be used throughout the show’s 50th anniversary year, has Thomas Rhett singing about everything that makes Sesame Street feel like home. His Instagram post put is best, saying that the song was a celebration of laughs, lessons, and friends.

Sesame Street shared the song, too, reflecting on the day in 1969, “on a street where colorful Muppets and humans lived — and learned — side by side. Today, 50 years later, we are excited to announce a yearlong anniversary celebration to mark the occasion!”

The lyrics paint a colorful picture of what life is like on the fictional street:

Where the air is sweet.
Where he can share a hug.
See ol’ Bert, n’ say hiya Ernie.
Sing a song with the people in the neighborhood.
Draw with Big Bird.
Hang out with ABC on the stoop in front of ol’ 123.
Where kindness is the way.
Learn new things each and every day.
See that old gang and never go away.
Play ball with Rudy and Abby.
Oscar if he’s not feeling crabby.
Share a cookie right here in Hooper’s Store.
Count with the Count to a hundred.
Come home to all my friends, where friendship never ends.

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