Taylor Swift Sends Don McLean Flowers, Breaks ‘American Pie’ Record

She said it with flowers.

Taylor Swift sent “American Pie” singer Don McLean an over-the-top arrangement of white roses, lilies and orchids this week when her 10-minute version of “All Too Well” broke the record previously held by “American Pie” as the longest song to go No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

McLean’s “American Pie” stretches 8 minutes and 42 seconds and topped the chart in 1971.

“What a class act! Thank you Taylor Swift for the flowers and note,” wrote McClean, who posed by a photo of the flowers and shared a snap of Swift’s note on Instagram.

Swift’s carefully penned note read: “I will never forget that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. Your music has been so important to me. Sending love one writer of long songs to another.”

It appears Swift’s gesture was prompted by a congratulatory message McLean posted on his website last week.

“There is something to be said for a great song that has staying power,” McLean wrote. “’American Pie’ remained on the top for 50 years and now Taylor Swift has unseated such a historic piece of artistry. Let’s face it, nobody ever wants to lose that No. 1 spot, but if I had to lose it to somebody, I sure am glad it was another great singer/songwriter such as Taylor.”

Swift unseated “American Pie” on its 50th anniversary. On Monday, she tweeted her surprise at the feat.

“I’m so proud of this song and the memories I have with you guys because of it,” she said. “You truly chose this one and now you did THIS?! I’m floored. A 10-minute song is at the top of the Hot 100.”

“All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” is from Swift’s “Red” album and was first released in 2012.

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