Popular George Jones Museum Permanently Closes

The George Jones – a museum, restaurant, and rooftop bar located on Nashville’s touristy 2nd Avenue – is another casualty of the pandemic.

According to a post on its social media account, The George Jones shuttered this week, citing the business strain of COVID-19, labor shortages, and the Christmas bombing in the area that limited foot traffic as the main reasons.

“It has been a difficult [two] years for so many — our company has been no different,” the post said. “As many business owners know, between the workforce shortages and difficulty with consistency of products, it is a challenge day-to-day (to say the least) to make a business viable.”

The popular museum housed a significant amount of Jones’s memorabilia, including album covers, instruments, iconic outfits, and even the fabled John Deere riding lawnmower that Jones once drove to buy alcohol.

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The post promised “the museum and all of its contents are being handled with care. There will be more to come on where this exhibit will land next.”

“The George Jones … started with the intention to have a place where George Jones fans could come and share in the journey of Possum’s life and music — enjoy great food, drinks, and live country performances — all with the amazing backdrop of southern hospitality and warmth,” the post said. “During the last several years, we have met many of you, shared stories, and bonded not only over George Jones but over country music, Nashville, and the spirit of all that encompasses. We are so grateful to all of you for that.”