Nashville Squares Sneak Peek: It Ain’t Over Till the [Small] Lady Sings

It’s not over until the fat lady sings…or, in the case of Nashville Squares, until the Country Undercover guest, who’s trained in the classics, sings.

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On the show’s next episode, host Bob Saget will introduce a sure-to-become classic “Country Undercover” segment to contestants Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin, who’d be advised to shield their mirrors and steel-enforce their iPhones, because some valuable glassware is about to shatter.

“This stage is about to turn into The Grand Ol’ Opera, and all you have to do is identify the popular country tune our opera girl is singing,” Saget says in the clip above, before a seasoned performer approaches the stage, opens her mouth and lets her lungs set sail.

You can tell your dog to bite my leg / And tell your brother Cliff, whose fist can meet my lips / I never even liked him anyway,” the singer belts before delivering one particularly celestial falsetto riff.

Panelist Sara Evans guesses it’s Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 classic “Achy Breaky Heart” that’s charmed the audience, but is she right?

Check out the sneak peek of Episodes 5 and 6 above, and be sure to see if Evans’ guess is the correct one Friday at 8/7c!