Midland’s Mark Wystrach’s New Baby Suffers Medical Emergency

Early on Friday morning (Nov. 29), Midland announced good news and bad news on Twitter.

The good is that the country band’s frontman Mark Wystrach and his wife Ty Haney had welcomed their daughter Sundance “Sunny” Leon Haney-Wystrach, but the bad is that the baby girl’s health concerns would force them to cancel their upcoming tour.

“We regretfully must postpone our upcoming tour due to a medical emergency following the birth of Mark and Ty’s baby. His daughter is expected to make a full recovery, but Mark is unable to be away from home until that happens. We are all incredibly saddened to delay the tour and are working hard to reschedule for next year. Mark and Ty will share more info when they feel comfortable. Further information on the rescheduled dates and refund details if unable to attend will be released next week.”

The two-part tweet ended with a broken-heart emoji.

The newlyweds just tied the knot on Oct. 8, and the baby was expected sometime in November. Haney is the founder and CEO of active-wear apparel company Outdoor Voices.

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