Meet CMT Artist Discovery’s Caroline Jones, Parker McKay and Cody Webb

CMT Artist Discovery’s latest additions, Caroline Jones, Parker McKay and Cody Webb have a lot to say in their newest songs on life and love; especially the love part. Find out what Kenny Chesney sees in Jones, how Sheryl Crow influenced McKay and about Webb’s hangover-free all-nighter:

  • Caroline Jones

    Caroline Jones will probably have absolutely zero fun touring with Kenny Chesney’s Songs for the Saints 2019 tour this summer. Psych! For any professional artist, a gig with Chesney is the gig of a lifetime.

    This is what Chesney had to say about Jones when he added her to the tour last year: “She struck me as being so pure in her approach to the business and so pure in her intention as a songwriter. I wanted to help someone willing to work outside the system, to give them the opportunity to be heard and seen. Caroline is so fresh, so filled with life and so consumed by her music. She seemed like the perfect person because of everything No Shoes Nation is about.”

    Jones’ current release “Chasin’ Me” is the first release from forthcoming follow-up to her debut Bare Feet. “I wrote ‘Chasin’ Me’ wrote about old fashioned romantic values, about the kind of man and the kind of love I want as a woman,” Jones tells “I want this song to remind women that they are worthy of being pursued! There is something very attractive and exciting about a man wanting to prove himself to you.”

  • Parker McKay

    Sheryl Crow’s influence on millennial musicians who came of age in the ‘90s continues to shine through in the music they make. As one of Crow’s biggest fans, McKay effortlessly goes from smoky-voiced siren to powerhouse vocalist over a shimmering pop-country production in her latest release, “This Far.”

    “I like talking about the gray areas in life and love,” McKay tells of writing “This Far.” “Too often, women are expected to take a passive stance in a relationship rather than an active one. When there is heartache or a feeling of uncertainty in a relationship, it isn’t always, ‘I wish you loved me .’ Sometimes it’s, ‘I know you love me, and I’ve been patient, but now it’s time to do your part and stop holding back.’ Things can almost always be worked out if there is proper and open communication. You’re a lot less likely to get what you want if you don’t ask for it.”

  • For those who don’t have the energy anymore for partying all night, Cody Webb’s “Getting’ Somewhere” is the earworm for you. Co-written with Jason Matthews and Mike Mobley, Webb’s addictive melodies underscore a playful storyline about a couple making their first memories together at a country tailgate party in the sticks. Bonus: the fun is hangover-free. Webb is on tour through June.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.