Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

Did you hear? Cher and Trisha Yearwood are best friends now. That’s just one of the situations that went down last weekend that you might’ve missed if you weren’t on social media 24, 7.

Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks showered Cher with food and flowers before a recent concert.

Yearwood had her own collection of thought and pictures she shared.

But watching that girl crush bloom wasn’t the only thing on socials over the weekend. First of all, Yearwood named Brooks the husband of a lifetime. Then Brooks and actor Chris Pratt joked about going on tour together. Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany shared a picture of their cozy little home that’s currently under construction. Aldean himself shared how little Irish he has in him. Carly Pearce made some new pals down under. Chase Rice took his shirt off for a St. Patrick’s Day selfie. Kacey Musgraves had a cool idea for a Big & Rich cover song. And Brad Paisley got back to his coffee house roots in Houston.

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