Kane Brown on Hearing His Baby’s Heartbeat

This kind of beat is something Kane Brown has never experienced before: his baby’s heartbeat.

Once you hear that rapid thump-thump-thump, it changes everything. So for Brown and his wife Katelyn, going to the hospital for their first sonogram for their first baby meant they’d be hearing the beat that mattered most.

“We went to the hospital and actually checked the heartbeat,” Brown told Extra at Stagecoach over the weekend, “and we got very emotional.”

“It makes it so much more real, so we were both excited.”

So far, he added, Katelyn has had a fairly easy pregnancy, without any chronic morning sickness or any big complaints. And with any luck (and smart planning), he’ll be done with the Jason Aldean tour before the baby arrives. Brown’s first date with Aldean is on Friday (May 3) in Connecticut, and they’ll wrap the tour on September 29 in Michigan.

“Me and Jason are very similar, very low-key. He’s one of the artists I get to hang out with the most and we just relate a lot, so it’s cool to have a brother beside me the whole time,” he said. “And to get to go out on tour with him and he’s a huge artist. So it’s awesome to get to look up to him.”

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