Garth Brooks Plans to Start Early, Stay Late

Who’s ready for the next Garth Brooks tour? He is, that’s for sure.

In his latest Inside Studio G Facebook live video, he told his fans and followers that he’s been working very hard to prepare for the first show on his new tour. It kicks off on Saturday (March 9) in St. Louis.

“Rehearsals have been going, going, going. Rehearsals still continue to go. This is the first show. It’s going to be pretty monumental. And pretty eventful. We’re going to try and pull out all the stops,” Brooks said. And I believe it. Because Brooks has never taken touring lightly, whether he’s putting on an intimate one-man show, or filling an arena with his full band for tens of thousands of fans.

And just like Brooks did for the 84,000 people at his October show at the University of Notre Dame, he will be going it alone. There is no opening act. No intermission act. And no breaks from the music Brooks’ fans demand.

“We’re going to start early and we’re gonna stay late,” he added.

That’s one of the ways this tour will differ from the one he launched in 2014, when Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood took turns on stage and invited Karyn Rochelle to be their opening act.

Get all the details of The Stadium Tour here.

And if you’re wondering how Brooks can make it all look so effortless, consider how long he’s been at it.

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