FULL VIDEO: LANCO Knocks Down Literal Walls with “Rival”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

Last month, Lanco shared details about their brand new single “Rival” with the world. And today (April 22), they’ve revealed even more: a new music video to bring their you-can-overcome message to life.

And spoiler alert, walls are coming down. As it turns out, there’s joy in that.

“We really wanted to capitalize on the true message behind the song that was built from different times in our lives and the stories from fans who have felt beat-down and lost, but ultimately find hope and redemption,” the band’s frontman Brandon Lancaster says. “Every caption on that wall was an experience that person had to overcome, and when it was knocked down you could feel the genuine joy from everyone on the set.

“It was a powerful moment I’ll never forget.”

The band put their video in the very capable hands of Peter Zavadil, and they did most of the filming right in Nashville.

The look behind the scenes that the band shared looks just as powerful as the real thing.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

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