CMT VIDEO PREMIERE: Wade Bowen’s “When Love Comes Around” Centers Love As Important To Living A Full Life

Regarding his latest video clip for “When Love Comes Around,” Texan Wade Bowen tells CMT, “This video shows that no matter what point you are in your life – from child to the grave – live life to its fullest. As well, no matter what phase you’re in throughout your life, love should be at the center of it.” As well, he joyfully adds, “Keep love at the center of life and don’t forget to live your life – have fun – dance your dance – get your shine on, baby. Smile. Call your mom.”

Feeling joy in his work is notable for Bowen, who was public in regards to his struggles with mental health just a few years ago. Related to those times, and the documentary, Inconsistent Chaos, that they inspired, he told Rolling Stone, “It was a crazy time. Hopefully we can use [Inconsistent Chaos] to help others understand that you can go through a rough time and still come out on the other side OK. People don’t always see that side of us in the music business. They only see what’s onstage. You don’t always pop open a beer can and hop onstage.”

About the process of creating the clip, Bowen adds a thankfully positive and intriguing thought. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a video of my own so it felt good to see myself in that light again. I’ve always been a huge fan of music videos. and I think videos can really enhance the meaning of the lyrics when they are done right. And I do believe that this video does just that. It makes a song that I already loved, feel even better.”