CMT PREMIERE: Stephanie Jacques’ “Because Of That” Celebrates The Undeterred Black Spirit

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Stephanie Jacques directed the video for her new single, “Because Of That,” herself. Ultimately, choosing to do so likely relates to the single being a profoundly personal and emotional showcase of undeterred African-American perseverance in the face of 2020’s woeful trauma. The video, as well, features candid moments with other well-known and rising Music City favorites.

Jacques is a Nashville-based performer raised alongside adopted siblings by her grandmother after her mother died at 26. As she notes via her website, her storytelling ability in considerable measure comes from the hardships she experienced during her youth.

The track, co-written by Cassadee Pope, reflected how the co-writers “felt sadness that was reflected in both the beauty and the heaviness that we all experienced through still images and protests.” Concerning the heaviness, Jacques adds that “it was very important to have the video be black and white to heighten the emotions that are expressed.” Insofar as the beauty, Jacques says, “There is so much beauty in black and minority culture. To see our faces on screen brought me a great amount of joy. To show that country is so many things, so many faces, and so many stories.”

Regarding the video, she continues, “I hope [those who watch] take away empathy and conversation. This video is a reflection of the emotions and experiences of myself and my friends. My favorite moments are towards the end when you see the faces of my brothers and dad, and of my Black Country music community here in Nashville. [Overall, the video should] reminds you not to judge until you walk in another person’s shoes. Hopefully, we all can have hope and evolution at the end of the day.”