CMT PREMIERE: Chris Ruediger Shares Uncertainty of Becoming an Adult in “Kid Anymore”

Chris Ruediger had a choice to make – sports or music.

Ruediger grew up near Boston, where the Red Socks are king and the New England Patriots are a religion. However, country music won. Ruediger explores the inner struggle of becoming an adult in his song “Kid Anymore.”

Written by himself, Casey Derhak and Alec MacGillivray, the singer says he hopes fans “tap into the frightening yet freeing realization of growing up. Time never stands still, but that is part of life. Take in the moment while you have them, and don’t be scared about the future!”

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The video was directed by Whitney Wolanin/TopNotch Entertainment and shows Ruediger in a bedroom surrounded by the things of a young man crossing from a college student into adulthood. He sings about the uncertainty of finding his path and landing on his sound in the music business, positioned as if it’s a conversation with his mother.

“This is the title track off my debut EP that really encompasses the feeling of growing up and entering the real world,” he said. “By adding personal items, I think the video is much more emotional and relatable. Whitney and her team did a great job of capturing that.”

The “Kid Anymore” video is more personal because the items strewn around the bedroom are the singer’s things. But the shoot also came with bumps and bruises.

“We had a great crew on set,” he said. “I remember bringing some childhood photos along with items I saved from over the years: a football jersey, baseball glove, board games, etc., and it brought back a lot of memories. I got pretty emotional while filming. I also remember taking too quick of a turn and almost wiping out during the bike shots.”

Ruediger, a Vanderbilt University graduate, couldn’t be happier with the final clip and says it encompasses who he is.

“It was so cool to see the final product,” he said. “The director, Whitney Wolanin, and her team did such an incredible job bringing my story to life!”