Brett Eldredge Shares Poem, Opens Up About His Struggles And Successes With Mental Health

Aside from his five No. 1 singles, plus 3 million albums and singles sold in his decade-old country music career, another notable point is Brett Eldredge’s brave public struggle through his mental health issues.

Recently, while having a tough day, Eldredge posted a short video reciting a poem he penned as he walked down a tree-lined path to benefit those who — like him — have days where their mental health is less than optimal.

“I wrote this poem when I was having a tough day mentally…we all have those days, I’ve certainly had my share…I used to fight it, still do at times, ya get frustrated, ya feel guilt or shame for feeling anxious or down…This life stuff can be really hard, but those tough days make the good days really count…sometimes its best to just let go and feel it all…I’m grateful for this ride, every part of it…hang in there:).”

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In the past, he’s also noted how his anxiety made it hard to celebrate achieving career milestones for which he was working: “I went through a stage where I was so hyped up about it [my career] that I wasn’t able to really enjoy what I loved to do,” he said. “[I had dreamed] of getting songs on the radio, then I got songs on the radio, and I loved that in the beginning, and then all of a sudden I just got all these pressures.”