Alyssa Micaela Delivers an Instant Getaway in “Heartbreak Vacay”

Alyssa Micaela is saving the lonely for a rainy day in her newest video for “Heartbreak Vacay.” The sunny single is an instant getaway to a tropical destination where chilly margaritas are always flowing, and the ocean waves wash all your troubles away.

“Heartbreak Vacay” mixes performance footage from the recent BMI Songwriters Festival in Key West, Fla. with scenes of Micaela taking in Key West’s coastal vibes by bike and lush beaches. The song was co-written with one of her best friends, Emily Landis, and it’s the first release from Micaela’s forthcoming EP that’s set for a release later this summer.

Get to know Micaela in her own words below.

Liz Rose was the first songwriter to believe in me. I met her when I was 15 or 16 years old, and she has been a champion of mine ever since. I wouldn’t be in Nashville doing what I love if it weren’t for her.

I was very shy when I was a little girl and being shy just really isn’t an option in my family. My mom made me join an after-school music program hoping that it would bring me out of my shell. I was eight the first time I sang in front of a crowd. I can’t explain the feeling performing gives me, but I just knew at that moment, that’s what I wanted to do forever. It is truly my happy place. And I’m thankful for a family who 100% supports my crazy dreams.

Songwriting is free therapy! I try to just be honest and write what I know and hope that people can relate to it. Whether it’s a drinking song, or a love song, or a song about heartbreak if even one person relates to the song, I know I did something right.

The best advice I’ve been given was from Mickey Guyton. She told me to never compare myself to everyone around me because everyone’s journey is completely different.

I played a showcase at The Country (which is now called The Local) several years ago, and it was the worst show of my life! Sound check went great. Showtime rolled around, and the room was packed. I stepped onstage, and the moment I started singing all you could hear was screeching feedback! It was brutal. I had a total of five songs, and the poor sound guy didn’t get it fixed until song three. I just smiled and kept going, but I really wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I still have nightmares about it. Needless to say, that show didn’t get me a record deal Ha-ha. It’s funny now though, and I’m glad I at least showed people I don’t cave under pressure.

I am a huge Aaron Watson fan. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know him and toured with him some. I went to see him play at The Ryman in January. I was sitting in the balcony watching the show when all of a sudden, he called me up onstage to sing with him! I thought I was dreaming. It was real though, and I got to make my Ryman debut with Aaron Watson. I’ll never forget it.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.